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What Types of Caskets Are There?

When you lose a loved one, one of the last things that you want to think about is the presentation of the deceased at the funeral. One of the best gestures for your loved one is to provide them with a casket of value. In many cases though, you may be even choosing your own casket so you do not have to burden your family with that choice after you pass on.

We will be reviewing the different types of caskets and give a look into why someone may want to go with one over another. Keep in mind there is not a “correct” type of casket, just what you feel fits you and your needs best.

When looking at caskets there are two main families of them: those made of metal, and those made of hardwood (cherry, pine, oak, etc). Each type of casket has its own benefits to provide the deceased.

Metal Caskets

Metal caskets can be made of several different types of metals. One of those is stainless steel, similar to what your fridge or stove may be made of. Stainless steel provides are casket that will be preserved throughout time.

Another type of metal casket is a bronze casket. While slightly higher in price, a casket made of bronze may give a nod to the life of the loved one who has passed on. There are also caskets made of carbon steel which will be preserved over time, but still allow for natural decomposition of the body.

Another function that helps preserve the natural decomposition of your loved ones is the gasket feature of metal caskets that help seal the casket air tight. Many people find a special peace in this side of a metal casket, and helps lead to more choosing this.

Wood Caskets

There are also many caskets that are made of hardwood. These woods could be cherry, pine, oak, maple, etc. Oak caskets are often the most common when it comes to using wood as this type of hardwood is most commonly used in different parts of our world. There is also an easier way to personalize a casket that is made of wood.

Wood caskets however do not seal as well as a metal caskets, which may allow more of a natural decomposition after burial. This is the one advantage that the metal caskets often see over their wooden counterparts.

Choosing a casket is not an easy process. Please contact Jeff Monreal Funeral Homes today about your questions regarding caskets.