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What Should I Do With Cremated Remains?

Deciding what you should do with the cremated ashes of a loved one can be a difficult decision to make. Losing someone is never easy, but there are numerous ways to honor them and keep them close to you even after they pass. 

Scattering Ashes

A meaningful way to send off someone’s remains is by scattering them in a place that holds significance. Many people choose for their loved ones to be free in their favorite places such as a park or the ocean. Before you scatter remains it is important to abide by the laws in that area. Make sure you contact the proper authority to ensure that you don’t need any special permission or permits. 

Scatter gardens are increasing in popularity as more people are opting for cremation. Scatter gardens are areas at a cemetery specifically reserved for those who want to scatter their ashes. These gardens are beautifully maintained and a good option for those worried about getting special permission or permits elsewhere.


A long-standing tradition for many families is to keep their loved ones in a vessel, or an urn. This allows for family and friends to keep their loved ones close. Displaying these containers in your home makes it feel as though they are still with you. You can get an urn that reflects your loved ones’ personality and style, the options are endless.

Cremation Jewelry 

Many people are opting to keep their loved ones’ remains inside a piece of jewelry. This truly allows your person to be with you everywhere you go and keeps them close to your heart. The customization options for cremation jewelry are endless. Some options include:

  • necklaces
  • lockets 
  • pendants
  • rings
  • beads
  • keychains

Memorial Bear

A more comforting alternative to a traditional urn is a memorial bear. These stuffed animals are made with a compartment to store the ashes inside. This is a great idea for grieving children since it allows them to hold and snuggle their loved one as though they were actually there.

Build a Sculpture/Monument  

Adding ashes to cement and creating a sculpture or a monument is a special way to pay tribute to someone. It can be something small, allowing you to feel the significance of holding your loved one in the palm of your hand. Or it can be a grand gesture to show the true significance of their life.

Losing a loved one is hard, but finding ways to honor them and keep them close to you is the best way to let their legacy live on. If you need funeral arrangements or have any questions about the cremation process, then please contact Jeff Monreal Funeral Home, we would love to help you during this special time.