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What is a Private Funeral Service?

If you are in the process of pre-planning your funeral or have recently lost a loved one, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of different funeral and memorial service options there are.

While large gatherings are popular, depending on the person or situation, a smaller and more intimate service may be more appropriate. These are called private funerals. This article will explain what a private funeral service is and help you determine whether it’s right for you.

Elements of a Private Funeral Service

A private funeral is an exclusive service for the closest friends and family of the deceased. These services are usually invitation only.Those invited to a private funeral service are hand-selected by those planning it, ensuring that only those closest to the deceased will be in attendance. This not only limits the number of guests in attendance, but also allows the family to know exactly who will be in attendance.

Due to their small size, private funeral services may not necessarily take place entirely in a funeral home. Some choose to honor the deceased at the home of a family member, a religious venue, or outdoors at a park or near a lake or beach. Often, the service may begin at a funeral home and then continue with food and drinks at the family home so that guests can continue celebrating the life of their loved one.

Like any funeral, there is no right or wrong way to plan a private funeral service. Many elements of a private service may be the same as a more traditional memorial service, but the small size and limited guest list make private funeral services unique.

Why Hold a Private Funeral Service?

Holding a private service can be beneficial for several reasons. First, it is usually less expensive than a traditional funeral service, as well. Because it’s smaller and less extravagant than a typical funeral or memorial service, it is more cost effective, making it a good option for those with smaller budgets.

In addition, private funeral services allow for those close to the deceased to mourn privately. The small audience of a private service can often make those in attendance feel more comfortable to express their emotions and grief and share with one another.

Finally, private funeral services are sometimes a religious custom. Some cultures treat death and the mourning process as an intimate process. Private funeral services only allow those closest to the deceased to directly participate in the funeral service.

Final Thoughts

Private funeral services are a way for the close friends and family of someone who has recently passed to mourn privately. If you are interested in holding a private funeral service for a loved one or are interested in learning more, contact us today. One of our experienced funeral
directors would be happy to assist you in planning a private funeral service.