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Cremation has become much more common over the past decade or so. Cremation services that are offered are very similar to burial services. Complete cremation services include visitation, or calling hours. During this time, family and friends can view the deceased prior to the actual cremation. The casket for this service can be purchased (cremation casket) or rented. A church or funeral home service follows. The cremation itself takes place at a later time. Once the family receives the ashes, they can be properly scattered or placed into an urn for safe keeping.

Immediate cremation services are also available. If you choose to have an immediate cremation, you can still hold a memorial service afterward at a church or funeral home to gather with friends and family. Often, the deceased’s remains are placed in an urn surrounded by flowers and pictures.

Whether you choose a complete cremation service that resembles a burial service or an immediate cremation service, you have many options to memorialize your loved one.

Pre-planning allows your loved ones to carry out your wishes even after you’re gone. Cremation services have gained popularity in recent years for their efficiency and simplicity. It allows for flexibility when it comes to type of service and timing. It gives you and your loved ones the option to decide what kind of ceremony fits your wishes. The process of cremation is also affordable and easy to plan along with a cremation service.

If you or a loved one has decided to be cremated, there are several service options to choose from. End of life celebrations after the service are a growing option, which allows family members to reflect on their loved ones’ life in a positive and meaningful way. Many people find end of life celebrations appealing because they allow friends, family and loved ones to hold the ceremony at a time that’s right for them. On the other hand, some may also choose a more traditional funeral service with a casket either open or closed before the actual process. After the service, the cremated remains are returned to the family to decide where their loved ones’ final resting place will be.

One of the biggest advantages of cremation is you can choose your final resting place. It is often a concern of one nearing the end of their life that their wishes may not be fulfilled. But we take pride in making sure that your desires are one hundred percent clear and effectively taken care of after the passing. While ground burial is an option, cremation provides many more options that a traditional burial.

We know that you care deeply about your loved ones and pre-planning cremation is one of the best gifts you can give your loved ones in order to take the burden off of them during an already difficult time. We work with people from all over Lake County to plan their cremation services, including Mentor, Eastlake, Willoughby, Willowick, Painesville, Wickliffe and beyond. If cremation services are something you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We are only one phone call away from providing peace of mind and excellent service. Contact us to start planning for your family.

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