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Proper Funeral Etiquette

A funeral is not just a time of respecting the passing of a loved one, but often times it is also a way of closure and to come to peace with the passing of someone close. When attending a funeral, always make sure you are acting with the utmost respect possible. Not only for your immediate friends or family, but also for the direct loved ones of the person who has passed.

When attending a funeral there are a few things that you should consider. This is including but not limited to:

Proper dress attire

We have all been to a funeral before, dressed properly, when someone comes in maybe wearing something inappropriate for a setting. When attending a funeral you are often seeing someone for the last time (depending on your beliefs), and want to show the most respect you can. Of course there are circumstances when dress clothes are not necessary, but is always recommended out of respect to the deceased. 

Do not speak in poor taste about the deceased.

While we are unsure why you would attend the funeral of someone you were not fond of, it still does happen in many instances. When attending a funeral, you should keep discussion of the deceased to a minimum, good or bad, out of respect to the family of those who have passed.

Do not bring food or beverages to funeral home.

There is nothing worse than when someone spills something at a department store, or in a hallway at a mall, but to do so at a funeral home is much worse. Not only may the family holding the services be responsible for damages, it also is not a respectful form of remembrance. Also, often times the family will hold a small gathering following the services, save the eating and drinking until then.

Keep talking to a minimum, unless directly with loved ones impacted most.

While this does kind of tie into point number two, talking in general should be kept to a minimum out of respect to the conversations happening near the casket with family and friends, or urn, where you pay respect to the direct family or loves ones of the deceased. 

While a lot of these situations and topics seem like second nature to most of us, there are still plenty who are lucky enough to not have experienced much loss. When attending a service, make sure to look out for someone who may be a little out of line, or help support someone who may have just lost a loved one for the first time.

If you have recently lost a loved one and are looking for a funeral home to show the most respect to your loved one, consider contacting Jeff Monreal Funeral Home. We dedicate our time to make your time of grief as seamless as possible.