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How to Plan a Burial Service

Burials are one of the most common services planned at funeral homes.

There are various reasons people may choose a burial service. They are usually quite simple in nature and very elegant, making them one of the most popular funeral services. Burials also allow attendees to be close to nature in an outdoors setting, which often brings peace to those in mourning. There is also a religious aspect to burials. In many different religious, there are concepts in which burials are an act in a greater religious ceremony after the death of a family member. What’s more, funerals with burials also tend to bring closure to those in attendance. It serves as not only an act of respect for the deceased, but also a meaningful service for loved ones.

Burials can be pre-planned like other funeral services, or planned after the death occurs. Often times, burial plots or mausoleum crypts are purchased and reserved at a cemetary in advance. Some people do this in order to be buried near their loved ones and other family members. If a plot of land has been purchased already, you will need to bring all documents related to the purchase to your initial meeting with a funeral director when planning the service.

If no such pre-plan has been put in place, you will need to select a cemetery and plot of land for the burial. Buying a burial plot is very different than most other land purchases you will make. First, when you buy property at a cemetary, you are only purchasing the right to bury an individual at that location. The property is still under the ownership of the cemetery as a whole. Secondly, a portion of the amount you pay for the plot of land will go towards maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery grounds. Third, the burial itself and any future visits you make to the location will be subject to the specific rules and regulations written by the cemetery administration. What’s more, the cost of the burial plot can range widely depending on location, so it’s important to keep that in mind when selecting the land. Finally, there are sure to be other costs besides merely the land when it comes to planning a burial and service. For example, the fees for the “opening and closing” of the site charged by the cemetery, the cost of headstone, and the purchase of a casket.

The price of the casket, while sometimes costly, can also vary widely. However, they don’t have to cost a fortune. The type of casket chosen is a personal preference. So, while there are various different kinds, such as different types of hardwood and different thicknesses with metal caskets, it’s only a matter of choosing which best fits your budget and preference.

Ultimately, planning the burial service itself is a very personal thing. Contact one of our funeral directors today to start pre-planning so your loved ones don’t have to.

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