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How to Celebrate Life

How to Celebrate Life

After losing a loved one, planning for a funeral can be an extremely difficult and emotional time. A funeral is usually preceded by a wake or viewing as well, which can be equally somber. This, coupled with the fact that more people are using cremation as opposed to a traditional burial, has led man to decide to hold a celebration of life instead of a funeral.

A celebration of life is a ceremony that can be held either in addition to or instead of a traditional funeral service. Often, a celebration of life is upbeat, joyful and easygoing. These events focus on the positive aspects of a person’s life and incorporate unusual and interesting behaviors that you may not see at a typical funeral.

Despite the ceremony that takes place during the celebration of life itself being different from a funeral, the planning and execution of these events are quite similar. However, one of the biggest differences is using the assistance of a celebrant. Many people opt to employ a celebrant when planning for a celebration of life. A celebrant is a person who works with families and friends who have recently lost a loved one to help plan the celebration of life. Celebrants can help customize the event to different spiritual beliefs and cultures, and are well-versed in both secular and religious traditions. Celebrants can help make the process of organizing a celebration of life much easier by providing insight on what is available to you and your family during this time.

In addition to deciding whether or not to use a celebrant, there are several other things you’ll need to plan for a celebration of life ceremony. You will need to decide the basics just like any other event: where and when it will be held, who will be invited, and what the ceremony itself will consist of. Starting off by setting a budget can help make this easier so you can expect how much to spend and determine what is in your price range. Once the budget is set, you can begin planning details of the ceremony, such as whether or not you will have floral arrangements and what types of beverages will be served to guests. Finally, you’ll need to plan the ceremony itself. Who should speak during the celebration? What activities will guests be partaking in? How will you personalize the event and respect the wishes of the person who has passed? These are important questions that should be answered before you send out invitations so that guests know what to expect out of the celebration.

Planning the details of a celebration of life can seem overwhelming. Following the tips above can help make the process much easier for you and your loved ones during a time of mourning.

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