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What is Cremation?

Although cremation has gained popularity in the last several years, some people are still unsure of what exactly the process of cremation entails. Whether you are pre-planning your funeral and are considering cremation as an option, or you’ve recently lost a loved one and are navigating through some different choices, read on to learn more about cremation.

The cremation process itself is relatively straightforward. Only one body is cremated at a time, and it takes about three hours from start to finish. Once the crematory receives the remains, any medical devices are removed from the body. The chamber is then heated to a temperature anywhere from 1400-1800 degrees. Once all matter has evaporated or been consumed, the cremains are removed from the chamber and processed into a substance resembling ash. The ashes are then placed into an urn or other container and given to the family of the deceased.

Choosing cremation over a burial does not mean that there is no service or memorial to go along with it. One can choose whatever they see fit as a farewell. Some decide that a funeral service with a viewing of the body is necessary, while others opt for direct cremation. “Direct cremation” means that the body is cremated almost immediately after death. Therefore, there is no embalming involved or visitation hours for people to view the body. This is one of the most affordable options since it involves only the necessary services, including transportation, paperwork and the crematory fee.

Although direct cremation is a streamlined and efficient manner of handling the passing of a loved one, it is not the only option. Funerals and memorial services can be arranged before or after cremation of the body, and it is up to the person making the arrangements to decide when, where and if these services occur.

People choose cremation for a variety of reasons. These include, but are not limited to the fact that cremation is:
● Affordable
● Simple
● Environmentally-friendly
● Flexible

Ultimately, the person pre-planning his or her funeral arrangements or the loved ones of the deceased who choose how the body will be disposed of after death. Cremation is one of many options, but it offers people the flexibility many seek when it comes to funeral or memorial service arrangements.

If you are interested in pre-planning your cremation or have recently lost a loved one and are considering cremation as an option, give us a call and we’ll walk you through the steps of what the process of cremation entails.