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What Makes a Great Funeral Service

So exactly what makes a great funeral service? Funerals are a very important part of the grieving process after losing a loved one. Not only do they bring friends and family of the deceased some closure, but they also allow them to carry out final wishes.

Although there isn’t any type of standard funeral service, there is a sort of template that most modern services follow. This includes, but is not limited to, a traditional religious ceremony, reading of scripture, singing of hymns, and a eulogy. While these are all very honorable, none of these in particular makes for a great funeral service. So, what does make a funeral service great? Read on to learn more.

● A service that brings closure
Sometimes the most important part of a funeral service is the closure it brings to those in attendance. The content of the service is often times not nearly as important as the feeling it gives to participants. If loved ones of the deceased feel that it is important to hold a traditional funeral service to help them with their grieving process, then they should certainly plan for that.

● Carrying out any final wishes
If the deceased pre-planned their funeral or specifically stated what they would like to happen at the funeral service, loved ones usually find it important to make sure this is fulfilled. This can be anything from reading a certain verse or making sure attendees wear a certain color in honor of the person who has passed away. The enactment of final wishes can help bring some peace of mind to those carrying them out.

● Fulfilling a duty as friends and family
Sometimes, a great service is one that simply comes to fruition. While it may seem somewhat matter-of-fact, the successful execution of a funeral service is all that is needed. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the most glamorous, but the service itself usually makes participants feel that they have satisfied a requirement after a loved one passes. This, in turn, can tremendously help people move along in the grieving process.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to plan a funeral service. If a service feels like a great one to those attending, then that’s all that matters. Do you need to plan a great funeral service for a loved one? Or, are you interested in pre-planning a service for yourself? Contact one of our funeral directors today to learn how to get started.

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