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How Funerals Help With Grieving

After a loved one passes, the process of grieving can be difficult. Funerals often help people deal with these emotions. Many people find them comforting, helping them bring closure and celebrate the life of the deceased. The support from others who are also grieving can be therapeutic for attendees of funerals. Read on to learn how funerals can help with grieving.

Acknowledgment and Acceptance

After someone you know has died, you learn the news and try to process it mentally. Funerals can help with this process because they are a visual representation of that person no longer being with you. Though it can be difficult for some, viewing the body is often therapeutic. Seeing the casket and seeing the it lowered into their grave also helps with the grieving process. These images help loved ones of the deceased actualize their death.

Religious Views and Meaning

Death can bring about several tough and important questions. Those with certain religious views who believe in an afterlife may not grieve as heavily as those who do not believe they will be reunited with their loved one. Funerals can help some people who do not believe in the afterlife cope with the loss of the deceased. Funeral services can also help some reflect on their own life. Death is a natural and inevitable part of life, and the physical manifestation of this through a funeral allows people to become more comfortable with this idea.

Eulogies and Closure

Giving or hearing a eulogy can help immensely with the grieving process. Not only does this celebrate the life of the deceased, it allows attendees to discuss memories associated with that person. Eulogies offer a thorough reflection on the life and death of the deceased, which often helps being a sense of closure to those in attendance at the funeral. It begins a shift in realizing that person is now a memory and no longer with loved ones. Eulogies are typically only given during a funeral service of some sort, which is why funerals are so important in aiding the grieving process.


Sometimes, the most important part of having a funeral service is the companionship it provides to those who need it most. Funerals are a venue for people to express their pain and sadness at the loss of someone in their lives. Being able to communicate and share that grief with others can be powerful for the healing process. Not only can funeral attendees share and acknowledge their feelings with the people around them, they also provide a safe and accepting space for people to outwardly express these strong emotions.

Ultimately, a funeral service can help bring closure and solace to those in attendance. Loved ones are able to better come to terms with the loss of the deceased. If you’ve recently lost someone in your life, we’d like to help. Contact us today if you’re interested in making funeral arrangements.

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