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5 Different Types of Funeral Services

When your loved one passes away it is, unfortunately, time to plan a funeral. There are many questions that you should ask yourself. Are you certain what kind of service you would like to host?

There are plenty of options. Jeff will discuss five choices in this article that you can consider.

There are a considerable number of funeral homes in Lake County, Ohio, but none provide the compassion and service that Jeff Monreal Funeral home does. We offer several different types of funeral services and we want you to be aware of what they are. The particular kind of service you choose depends on a variety of factors. It is hard to make a decision if you do not know all of your options and this is why we have created this article.

Graveside or Committal Service

A graveside burial – or committal service – is held directly near the gravesite before the body is committed to the ground. This can be an exceptionally moving event. The family and mourners can express their emotions at the final place of resting. And of course, the site may be visited again in the future.

This could be a moment that you never forget and can allow the opportunity to let go of love.

Memorial Service

A memorial service is one of the most common types that are held. It is quite similar to a traditional funeral, except the body or cremated remains are not present. What makes this service so beautiful is that it does not have to occur with a certain time frame following the death. It can be held a day after, a year later, or whenever the family deems best.

The remains are not the center of this type of service, but the memories of the loved one are.

Full-Service Cremation

A full-service cremation involves viewing or visitation with the body, a funeral service, and basic cremation service. The body will typically be embalmed as there is a viewing. The cremated ashes are placed in an urn which can be kept above or below the ground, can be scattered, or simply kept by the family for remembrance.


A wake is an event that occurs before the actual funeral. It can be held at the home of one of the family members, but it is also often held at the funeral home. This gives people a chance to view the body before the final internment.

A wake can be used to connect with other mourners and be reminded that you are not alone in your grief. This is a popular type of service that has been traditionally been held for many hundreds of years.

Direct Burial

A direct burial is an option that is often used by families who desire to bury a deceased loved one but who do not desire a traditional service. In a direct burial, there is no graveside memorial or funeral. The body is simply committed to the ground. With this type of burial, the mourners and loved ones can arrange their own private memorial and grieve on their own or as they wish.

In Summary

Let us know how we can help and contact Jeff. Jeff can help you go over what option might be best for you and possibly pre-arrange your service.